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How to be Less Awkward in Front of the Camera..

Have you booked your photo session yet? Are you worried that your awkwardness will come out full force and you will hate every photo you're in?

Fear not, my friend.

Your personality will shine.

We have so many clients who are worried about being awkward in front of the camera. We tell everyone the same thing (the honest truth) - "you will do great, just be yourself".

We know this is easier said than done, but let us shed some light on what we see from behind the lens. A lot of people are worried they aren't doing the right thing with their hands, that they're not looking in the correct direction or maybe their hair is out of place. We understand the concern, but we want you to know that your worry often turns to laughter and that makes for AMAZING PHOTOS. The best thing you can do is laugh, play off your partner (if they're a part of the session) or laugh with your photographer if they have a sense of humor (We do!).

Fake it til you make it.

Faking it isn't always the best way to go about life, but in the photography industry, we don't frown upon it. We encourage you to look up and out into the sky like your name is Gisele, take a note from Tyra and SMIZE (Smile with your eyes, ya'll) or even just laugh randomly without jokes even being told. We have all done it a time or two, so believe us when we say - your photographer isn't judging you, we want to capture your essence, and sometimes you need a little push!

Lastly, practice if you need to.

Practice makes perfect, right? Isn't that what most humans say when someone needs to figure out how to excel in something they aren't the best at? For photography, practice can be in front of a mirror or with your best friend and your iphone. Some of us know what side is our "good side" and some of us have a go-to angle that we prefer. This is great practice for photos.. If you know that your arms looks smaller by pushing your shoulders back or if your smile is most appealing when you stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth (NEWSFLASH - this is a thing) then you can use that knowledge to your advantage in the session. Photographers will most likely give you a little direction and be able to find your most flattering angles and hopefully catch some random chuckles that show off your beautiful smiles, but it doesn't hurt to be prepared.

Good Luck, You Beautiful People!


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